"SOFT BLUE DRESS" Single Release

"Soft Blue Dress"

New music from Sash Seabourne, March 29

“Soft Blue Dress” is a story of yearning for a past lover, reminiscing on the sweetness of a unique bond."

"This has certainly been my most vulnerable and personal music I’ve recorded, and that process has been a challenge. My journey with self-acceptance and keeping my demons at bay is ongoing, I’ll probably feel that way for the rest of my life. I hope to continue to embody this value of mine by staying honest and open in my songwriting." 



“I tried to back out but I’m already caught up”

It’s a coming of age experience to look down the barrel of a chaotic relationship and decide against it due to your better judgement from your life experience. I think it’s an experience so many of us have in our twenties. This song is the story of the first time this happened to me.

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